2019 Announcement from Julian Davis

2019 Announcement from Julian Davis

January 5, 2019

Dear Bluegrass Brothers and Sisters, January 5, 2019

Our team at Julian Davis Music has been eager to share some exciting news with you and it is finally time to make the announcement. Our friend Jeff Austin, of the one and only Jeff Austin Band, has invited Julian Davis to join Jeff Austin Band as the new lead guitar player, starting immediately. We want to thank Jeff Austin for giving Julian the confidence to embrace the lead guitar role and express our gratitude to Jeff for allowing this opportunity to materialize.

The first tour run starts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 10th, 2019. Julian is anxiously awaiting his travels with Jeff Austin Band to see old friends and continue to make new ones along the nearly continuous 2019 tour schedule.

It is our sincere desire that you and yours join us at one of the hundreds of upcoming shows to see what Julian’s new team has to offer the bluegrass community. There is so much fun to experience, as anyone who has watched one of Jeff’s shows already knows.

For our dedicated fans across the United States, we ask that you to continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to stay updated on the shows Julian plays with Jeff, while keeping an eagle eye out for the select shows that Julian will play with his band, The Situation, in 2019. Julian Davis and The Situation have not yet set any show dates as we wait for Jeff’s schedule to finalize, but we plan on offering about eight shows across the greater Midwest throughout 2019. If you have not joined our email list, you can do so by completing our contact form and inputting EMAIL LIST as your message on the form. We will keep our email list and social media followers updated on any and all new show announcements.

Julian’s solo EP will be available on his website soon and he is continuing to develop new songs for Julian Davis and The Situation’s upcoming LP. We are grateful for the many friends who have been a part of Julian’s band throughout the years. We also extend a particularly big thank you to Logan Perez, who offered a unique talent on bass and shared insight that helped make the music the best it can be, both in the studio and at all of our 2018 shows.

Most importantly, Julian and the rest of the team want to thank each and every one of you who have come to a show, provided encouragement, supported our merchandise efforts, joined us as friends, been a part of our video shoots, and generally supported Julian along his journey to be the best musician he can be. It is thanks to all of you that Julian gained this opportunity with one of the living legends of bluegrass, Jeff Austin!

Much love and we look forward to seeing you at a show in a town near you!


Julian Davis and The Julian Davis Music Team

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