About Julian Davis

Julian Davis is a traveling musician, plying his trade through guitar and mandolin on the roads of this country. Since 2016 he has been proving that Bluegrass isn’t only an old man’s game, giving the traditional style a clean new treatment. Julian enjoys playing the classics that have stood the test of time, and ensuring they last a little longer by giving them one more spin on the dance floor. In 2017 he started traveling solo, singing to concert halls, theaters, select bars, music festivals, and pretty much anywhere a road can go. You can hear him singing four nights a week or more – just look to a venue near you in 2018

The Julian Davis Story

Born and raised in Pittsburg, Kansas, Julian Davis is a test case for the modern era; everything he knows about playing instruments, he learned from YouTube. Self-taught, with help, he picked up the guitar when he was four, and in the last three years has learned the mandolin. From a young age he was drawn to the electricity of the stage, and the artistry that musicians wield while conducting a crowd. He recalls meeting Jack White when he was twelve, in Nashville, TN. The onstage persona of the musician was so engaging and electric, Julian knew that was the sort of performer he wanted to be.


Julian wasted no time once out of school, immediately hitting the road with guitar and mandolin in tow. He traveled for a year with a band, and struck out on his own afterwards. From coast to coast and border to border, Julian puts his energy towards perfecting his craft and delivering joy, one song at a time. There’s nowhere he’d rather be than onstage, singing to a crowd.


Looking forward, there’s an awful lot of wide-open ground to cover. Julian’s willing to chase his hunger down across the country, playing bigger festivals and more halls, more days of the week. Where most might be only starting out, Julian is ramping up, and if 18 years can take him this far, there’s no telling where he’ll land.